OUR CHILD SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM was initiated to support the education and therapeutic intervention for CWDs from marginalized community. There are near about 70 children who got all the facilities through SLF. These children are affected from Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation, Hemi paresis, PPRP (Post Polio Residual Paralysis), Physical Disability, visual impairment etc. The two main facilities are provided to these marginalize children with disability (CWDs) are – Education & Therapy. Under Education school uniform, books, stationeries, transportation etc are providing free of cost. Under Therapy the facilities which are providing to them- Home based treatment the children who are unable to come we provide this treatment for them in which the therapist of SPARC-India visit their home and gave a treatment, also provide them Aids & Appliances viz; caliper, crutches, wheel chair, walker etc according to their need. Children have been also provided with learning the behavior, attitude and skills for the ADL and they have been also provided education to develop their team ability in reverse of disability. Teaching and learning materials were provided to each CWD. The teams of SPARC-India works on it always try to link children from slum areas who are most marginalized and poorest than the poor. The children who are unable to go to the normal school SPARC gave them admission in our school for their betterment.      
You can support our initiatives by sponsoring our program for supporting:           
  • Child Education      
  • Physiotherapy/Speech Therapy      
  • Uniforms of Disabled Children      
  • Corrective Surgeries      
  • Transportation support for the school-going CWDs      
  • Counselling & Capacity Building      
  • Aids & Appliances      
  • Training & Seminars for the disabled Children & parents
  • Sponsoring a disabled child’s education Rs. 20,000/- per year    
  • Physiotherapy/Speech Therapy Rs. 8000/- per year      
  • Dress and Uniform of Disabled Child Rs. 1500/- per child per year  
  • Corrective Surgeries Rs. 30,000/- per child      
  • Transportation support for school-going CWDs Rs. 12000/- per child per year      
  • Counselling & Capacity Building Rs. 12000/-      
  • Aids & Appliances Rs. 2000/- per child      
  • Training & Seminars for CWDs & their parents Rs. 50,000/- per seminar      
  • Health Camps for villages & slums Rs. 15000/-      
  • Vocational Training Rs. 6000/- per child per year

Lives Impacted

SPARC India is constantly working to improve the lives of millions in India. Extend your hand of help today

Children with Disabilities empowered through Education
Youths with Disabilities empowered with Skill Development & Placement Program
Women with Disabilities empowered with Vocational Training
Persons with Disabilities empowered through various scheme
Persons with Disabilities benefitted with Health Services