SPARC India established a special school - Jyoti Kiran School for Cerebral Palsied children in the year 2003 at Lucknow. It was started with the seed money support from Sir Dorabji Tata Trust. Presently, there are 55 students in Jyoti Kiran School. These children suffer from cerebral palsy and other forms of disability such as hearing impairment, speech impairment, vision impairment and mental retardation. Although the school started off as a special school for Cerebral Palsied children, it is now being transformed into an inclusive school that would provide education and health care facilities to its students without any bar of ability or disability. The school will focus specifically on children belonging to the marginalized sections of the society.   
  • Strengthening education and mobility of Cerebral Palsied children
  • Empowering Children with Disabilities (CWDs) to attain their educational rights
  • Overall development of CWDs and mainstreaming for inclusive education
The School focuses on:  
  • Education  
  • Therapy  
  • Skill Development  
  • OPD Services  
  • Counselling  
  • Creation of an inclusive educational centre
The following activities are undertaken in the school:  
  • Regular class based education  
  • Quarterly exams  
  • Physiotherapy sessions  
  • Speech therapy  
  • Music classes  
  • Counselling services  
  • Regular home visits  
  • Care giver’s workshops  
  • Advocacy activities  
  • Case conferences  
  • Clinic days  
  • Parent support group meetings  
  • Sibling workshops  
  • Theatre training  
  • Saturday activities