Dr. Amitabh Mehrotra completed his Masters in Social Work from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai in 1987, He has workedin various Organizations like Tata Steel Rural Development Society, Jamshedpur and in a NGOs in Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh in the field of Rural Development and alsofor Persons with Disabilities (PWDs)/Children with Disabilities (CWDs) and marginalized section of societyto bring them into the mainstream. Hehas recently completedhis Ph.D. in Applied Psychology on “Inclusion of Challenged Persons in Rural Setting” at Lucknow University. Also, he has been member of more than 15 national/international committees in the field of disability and rehabilitation viz a member of Governing Council of National Institute for Empowerment of Persons with Multiple Disabilities (NIEPMD),Chennai. Dr. Amitabh has contributed more than 5 articles published in National magazines.Recently a write up on Dr Mehrotra has appeared in a publication jointly published by National Handicapped Finance Development Corporation(NHFDC), Government of India and Penguin in which hundred biographies of differently able persons who are social entrepreneurs across the country.He has been resource person and participant to various trainings and Conferences at National as well as International levels. Mr. Mehrotra himself is having cerebral Palsy with tremors and mild spasticity since birth.

After noticing the negligence of Disability issue and through various personal experiences founded School for Potential Advancement and Restoration of Confidence (SPARC India) in 1996 at Lucknow as its Founder Chairperson and Director. SPARC-India has been implementing Community based rehabilitation (CBR)in urban slums of Lucknow and rural areas of Deva and Nindura Blocksof Barabanki District in Uttar Pradesh.He is also Founder Principal of Jyoti Kiran School-An Inclusive School (started in 2003). The Cerebral Palsied children/Children with other disabilities are both being educated as well as receiving medical care (physiotherapy, audio and speech therapy) and training for Activities of Daily living (ADL) at the school. The organization was identified as a lead partner for the state of Uttar Pradesh by DFID UK in 2012 to implement a program on rights and entitlements of Persons with Disabilities and also for another program on Skill Development and Placement program for Youths with Disabilities .SPARC India has received more than 14 awards with his strong leadership, commitment and vision towards inclusive society. SPARC India a think tank of Dr. Amitabh Mehrotra is running its program more than 30 Districts of Uttar Pradesh and has covered more than 1,50,000 Population and benefitted more than 30000 Children / Persons with Disabilities, and still continuing to work in this direction. Several times there has been telecast of film on activities of SPARC-India both at regional and national channels of DD News and IBN7 Channels.

Nominated as member in Steering Committee of State Election Commission, Government of Uttar Pradesh and nominated as member (renewed) of State Coordination Committee on Disability.

Nominated asmember of State Advisory Board on Disability of Uttar Pradesh.